Joining The Tribe of The Order of The Unknown

The Order of The Unknown is seeking new Members of the Tribe


We seek those who desire to transcend an average life. Those who desire to build communal bonds and trust beyond what is currently possible in Western Culture. Those who are weary of the fragility of the nuclear family, serial monogamy and the isolation of go-it-alone individualism. Those who have asked “is this all there is?”

Joining the The Order of The Unknown is a challenging process. It is not meant for everyone. This is not a universal pursuit. It is a matter of fit, not a matter of being good enough.

We are a community based not on consent, but on the stronger principle of love. This form of community requires discipline and commitment to higher values. It requires deep trust; both the ability to trust and to be trustworthy.

Each potential member must pass through a series of levels prior to reaching full membership in The Order.

The levels help one to learn our Shared Stories, to understand and internalize our Shared Values, and to begin participation in our Shared Rituals. We use story, values and ritual to build the trust that is foundational to our Tribe.

Membership requires Faith in Change. You must exhibit the following disciplines:

1. Faith that you can choose to transcend your current state of being.

2. Desire to become a member of The Order of The Unknown.

3. Will to endure the challenges and obstacles that you will face.

These three disciplines will manifest themselves as you progress through each level.

We welcome your entrance onto this path. We are here to support you. Our process of membership will help you determine if We fit you and you fit We.

Take one step toward us and we will take two steps toward you.

Here’s how to begin…

The Path To Membership

Level One: Fellowship Of The Existent: Friend

The first step on the path is to join The Fellowship of The Existent, becoming a Friend to The Order.

As a Friend, you are expressing a desire to learn about the Tribe. You’ll begin to interact with members. You’ll begin a course of study to better understand the philosophy of the Tribe, specifically focusing on the PreVerse, our Creation Story.

You’ll have the chance to participate in basic Tribal rituals.

At the Level of Friend, you have no explicit commitment to the Tribe, nor the Tribe to you. Joining The Fellowship of The Existent is a way to help you decide whether you desire to take the next step.

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Level Two: Fellowship Of The Emergent: Aspirant

The Second Level indicates your explicit desire to become a member of the The Order.

As an Aspirant, you’ll increase your commitment to study the philosophy, interact with members, and practice a deeper level of shared tribal ritual.

You’ll enroll in courses to better understand the MeVerse, iVerse, TheeVerse and the UnIVerse. You’ll learn to identify your place in each of these.

Aspirants are dues-paying members of The Fellowship of The Emergent, and interact with other Aspirants in a beginning form of Tribal membership.

Level Three: Fellowship of The Transcendent: Initiate

The Third Level of Fellowship, Initiate, begins your personal work to leave the Given You and to build the Chosen You. At this level, you enter the challenging work of Becoming: The BeVerse.

The Fellowship of The Transcendent exists to provide support for the intensive work required in the BeVerse. Initiates are preparing to leave the world they’ve known, and enter a world they create.

Through this process, you’ll come to Know Yourself, Know Others, and have Faith in Change. Finally, you’ll Choose Yourself; the Be that you desire to be.

Full immersion into the BeVerse is required before you can enter into the WeVerse.

Level Four: Order Of The Unknown: Member

After one has progressed significantly toward living in The BeVerse, they may then apply for membership in The Order of The Unknown.

The process of applying to become a full member rests in building trust with your potential Tribe members.

If accepted, you become a full and equal member of The Tribe — The Order of The Unknown. You’ll exist in an entirely new Verse: The WeVerse.