Timo Existencia

Founding Member

Let’s build Tribe. Together.

The Order of The Unknown is the community I choose to live in. The community I choose to build.

Following a life devoted to family, then to religion, then to politics, I’ve learned through earned experience that Western forms of community do not work. Cannot work.

Western Culture and its focus on consumerism and individualism, after short and temporary gains, is now destroying both the individual and community.

Eastern Culture and its focus on communalism is weakening the individual and community.

This project is my journey to build home. To build Tribe.

It will take creativity, intelligence, and love to build this community. I look to find those capable of this work. To find those who can choose a new way of living, who have the discipline to make the sacrifices that are required to achieve lasting community.

Is that you?

Let’s build Tribe. Together

I am a nomad. I left my home in the United States at the end of 2016, and have been traveling the world since. My home base is currently Antigua, Guatemala. The City of Fallen Churches, as I’ve come to call it, has proven to be the ideal inspirational home for this project.

My history includes professional work in politics, philosophy, teaching and communications. All are central to building this Tribe.